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We design and install audiovisual infrastructure for operating theatres; we equip conference and training rooms with multimedia and IT equipment, and build hospital information systems. We understand and cater to the needs of modern medicine.


We connect and ensure communication between operating theatres and conference & training rooms of the operating suite, doctors’ rooms and even other medical facilities located hundreds miles away. We send images from many operating theatre cameras, medical imaging devices and hospital IT systems. We are able to record and save the course of operations for the purpose of medical education.


Conference and training rooms in a hospital or a medical university are significantly different from this type of rooms found at other universities. The amount of materials to be displayed simultaneously (e.g. during operations) and the specific nature of medical information systems and medical standards mean that these rooms must have a different type of equipment and comply with completely different audiovisual standards. A+V is aware of these specific requirements and knows how to meet them.


The role of hospital information systems is to provide health education for patients, ensure effective management of their movement in the hospital and efficient and fast transmission of important information to hospital staff. Replace traditional posters, cork boards and display cabinets with properly arranged monitors in the hospital entrance area, in passageways, in waiting rooms, in wards and doctors’ rooms, and then connect them into one network. Our systems offer completely new functionalities, speed and efficiency. Authorised users can change the content of any information in a matter of seconds – without moving from their computers. This saves time and improves the organisation of every hospital.

If you are:

Project Owner

Call us. We will tell you what you can expect from the audiovisual operating theatre systems or hospital information systems. Audiovisual infrastructure in medicine is completely new to our market. With our experience we know how to design and deploy such projects. We know the workings of hospital wards and operating theatres. We know medical devices and technology. We have experience in integrating hospital information systems. We are privy to medical standards and norms. All this thanks to many years of cooperation with doctors, IT employees of hospitals and the experience of partner foreign companies.

Medical Technologist, Designer

Contact us. We will help you design a modern infrastructure for operating theatres, conference rooms in the hospital and in medical universities, communication systems and hospital information systems. We work in the AutoCAD environment. We ensure perfect coordination of our work and stick to the agreed schedule.

General Contractor

Contact us. We will make you a really good offer. We will suggest what can be done better and cheaper. We will present and help obtain approval for material cards. We will build good relations with the client’s IT staff.