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Cultural centres have become our specialty in recent years. For many years, we have designed and equipped multi-function rooms, concert halls, cinemas, conference & congress facilities and museums with audiovisual systems. A modern cultural centre encompasses all these facilities in a single building, but on a smaller scale. Therefore, we do not look at a cultural centre in the context of a single system or a single function. Instead, we look at it in the context of the purpose it is supposed to serve, and the systems that help fulfil this purpose. So we design and equip cultural centres in an optimal and multifunctional way, providing them with the maximum functionality and saving the project owner’s money. One integrated infrastructure with many possibilities including a cinema, concert hall, theatre, conference room, rehearsal room and many others. Do you want to know how we do it? Call us.


Contact us. We will help you design the multi-functional infrastructure of a modern cultural centre. One infrastructure – many possibilities. We have specialists in cinema design, acousticians, experts in stage technology and automation specialists. We work in the AutoCAD environment. We ensure perfect coordination of our work and stick to the agreed schedule.


Call us. We will make you a really good offer. With many years of successful track record we have secured very good terms from equipment suppliers for the needs of cultural centres. We will also give you suggestions as to how to do things better and cheaper, what materials to choose and what replacement solutions to apply. Bet on us to make sure your project is completed within budget and on time.


Contact us. We will tell you how to build a modern infrastructure for your cultural centre. An infrastructure that will allow you to redefine the existing initiatives and events, giving them a completely new, better quality and professional form. In addition, the same infrastructure will open up opportunities for you to organise completely new activities such as 3D film and post-production, digital photography, computer graphics and animation, sound and light management and much more.