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Our services are intended for any company which wants to be successful. We help these organisations equip conference and training rooms with systems for efficient and comfortable conduct of meetings, presentations and video conferences. For the purpose of image-building, we create showrooms, while for the purpose of building and maintaining employee relationships, we create corporate information systems.


Effective communication with employees is a key task for any modern firm. Information system display screens located in appropriate places in the entrance area, circulation routes, in canteens and in relaxation zones will help you reach your employees effectively with your communications. The displayed content may relate to the company’s plans and strategies and advise about new standards being introduced in the organisation; it can be used to educate and even build the right image of the company among employees with a positive effect on the relations between them and the business.


Creating the company image, building the right ambience before an official meeting with a client or a business partner, or presenting your own offer in a modern way – these are things of great importance. Rather than engaging in long stories and tours around the company, invite your guest to a short and well though-out stay at a place specially designed for this purpose. The showroom with a planned script, good reader and properly displayed AV material will build the desired image of your company, and will allow you to create the right backdrop for your talks with clients.


A well-equipped conference room is a meeting place with clients and partners, as well as space for internal meetings. It is the showpiece of any modern company. By pressing one button on the keyboard, tablet or smartphone, you will get the system of the conference room ready for a selected type of presentation. The screen will automatically come down, the projector will be turned on, the lighting will be dimmed. This is bound to provide comfort for your employees and impress your clients.

If you are:


We will help you design an information system for the corporation and its branches. We will prompt you about the things to remember and things not to forget. We work in the AutoCAD environment.

General Contractor

We will make you an interesting offer. We have many years of experience of cooperation with General Contractors, which has resulted in implementation of projects for such names as Budimex, Skanska, Erbud and many others.

Project Owner

We will tell you what to expect from the design and the contractor. If you are faced with the task of formulating the functionality and parameters, we will tell you which options will work best for you, which will make your system stand out from other systems and will be fit for purpose. We have a lot of experience in this.