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20.05 godz. 10:30 CET

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– how to create a user-friendly, no-hussle, efficient office technology system? What tools will be most useful for you?

20.05 godz. 10:30 CET

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Return to the office is happening – are you ready for it? We will help you!

Find out how to prepare the office space and implement new procedures.

We will tell you what to take into consideration and what tools you can use. 

We will share useful tips and practical materials.

  • What the new communication standards are? What will hybrid work look like?
  • How do you improve user experience and increase employee satisfaction? What tools can you use?
  • How to take care of employees who have never been to the office? (virtual onboarding)


  1. Your current challenges

  2. Standards and tools available to you

  3. Tips - what to take into consideration

  4. Tips - how to do it