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In the modern world “we learn all life” must be treated literally. In this era of an unbelievable technological progress, constant access to information and global change in our perception, a diploma might not be enough.

When facing the challenges of a job market, we need to continuously increase our qualifications, gain new skills and broaden our horizons. It is an opportunity not only for our professional, but also for our personal development. Competence and training centres operating with universities perfectly address those goals.

Competence centres

  • Can be used for professional training courses, workshops, webinars and other forms of education
  • Offer a wide range of training subjects, tailored to the attendees
  • Ensure high quality of content, as they are led by qualified and experienced lecturers, practitioners and experts from various industries
  • Enable flexible and comfortable learning, as they can be used both onsite and online
  • Offer a possibility to obtain certifications and diplomas respected in the job market
  • Students, graduates, staff, representatives of public and government organisations, as well as business professionals can benefit from their offering

For the competence centres to fulfil their role effectively and to be attractive for the trainees, they need to be equipped with modern audio-visual systems, which allow for:


  1. Conducting a presentation, conference and training courses with the latest technology, such as an interactive projection, touch screens and  LED displays

  2. Recording and transmission of video materials in high image quality, and an ability to edit, share and archive

  3. Connecting with various education and business centres through video-conferencing systems

  4. Creating attractive multimedia content by using tools for graphics, animation, sound and virtual reality

Competence centres are an investment in the future. Thanks to them, universities can increase their prestige and attractiveness to the candidates and commence cooperation with external partners.

For the delegates, it is an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the job market and to fulfil their passion and personal interests.

Here at A+V we strongly support the development of such initiatives. We have knowledge and experience in designing and implementing modern audio-visual solutions, improving quality and accessibility of training courses.

We look forward to speaking with you!


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