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Crestron Air Media - Meeting space at your fingertips

In the hybrid office reality, the ability to quickly and intuitively run meetings anywhere is essential. With AirMedia’s wireless conferencing technology, you’ll hold a professional meeting wherever you need it. You can turn any room into a conference room and successfully share your content with others. With AirMedia, you gain quick access to cameras and speakers and displays anywhere.

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Why Crestron AirMedia?

  1. Full range of possibilities hand in hand with simple operation

    Wireless technology and one interface, on any device and in any room. With simple operation, the meeting will run anyone and anywhere.

  2. Secure, wireless and seamless collaboration in a flexible workplace

    The hybrid reality of the office brings us completely new challenges that were previously unknown. In order to adapt to it, we must bet on solutions with which cooperation with people who work in different places and different modes will become efficient and natural. AirMedia is a device with which you can create a flexible workplace with a single click.

  3. Simplicity of a single management system

    With Crestron XiO Cloud® service, you can manage up to thousands of AirMedia devices, both locally and globally, from a single dashboard, in just minutes.

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