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Five things you should know about AV integrators

2020 | march

Five things you should know about AV integrators

Each audio-visual project, regardless of its size, has a fixed budget. In order to conform to it, it is often tempting to reduce costs by giving up on AV system integrators. Ironically, such a solution may generate higher costs, both at the design stage and later when using the system. There are many reasons why people decide not to choose and engage an AV integrator, but these reasons turn out to be more of a fiction than a fact.

Here are some general, refuted myths about AV integrators that you should know before starting a new project for your office.

MYTH 1 I cannot afford an AV integrator.

Fact: AV system integrators are experts who can work within any budget. Much depends on the stage at which you engage them in your project.

Engaging an AV integrator in your project at the very beginning can help avoid unnecessary costs, both currently and in the future. If you introduce the integrator too late, your project may turn out to be more expensive than it could be. For example, when a building or office is almost ready, you are likely to discover that its spaces are not adequately adapted to your needs and the related audio-visual technology. This situation necessitates spending extra money to rearrange these spaces. On the other hand, if you engaged the integrator at the start of the project, the room will be well-designed and wired. An early meeting with the AV integrator will thus help you avoid investing in a costly system that will not meet your needs in the end.

MYTH 2 I can implement an AV system on my own.

Fact: Installing an integrated AV system is much more than just selecting a few devices and connecting them.

You need tools that will work as a whole and that will be intuitive and easy to use for everyone. Many companies underestimate the amount of work involved in a project, seeing only the final result and assume that with little effort they can get the same solutions. The truth is that most AV integrators are highly committed to the project from the start and have the experience to run the implementation of the system to meet your requirements. Without the engagement of the integrator, you risk insufficient installation and selection of the wrong type of equipment and technology. Since the technology is becoming more and more widespread and advanced, it is important to have a partner who is an expert and who understands the technology and knows its trends as well as ensures appropriate quality standards.

MYTH 3 AV technicians do not understand my network.

Fact: AV integrators can see the similarities between AV and IT systems.

Integrators solidly prepare for every project, so during the installation they know exactly what to do. Moreover, they have qualified employees who can discuss the IT infrastructure and integrate it with the AV system. Each of them has access to additional IT experts, including device manufacturers who build network equipment. Together with your team, they will accurately check any network needs in your office.

MYTH 4 AV integrators do not understand my business.

Fact: AV integrators work with companies from all industries and want to understand your business goals.

A good integrator will ask the following questions first: What technology are you using now? What do you like about it? What problems would you like to solve with updated solutions? The integrator will certainly do its best to understand what your plan for using the space that your system will support is and how many people need to be trained to use it. The integrator will ask you about your budget and make sure you understand the value the project will bring to your organization. If the integrator starts the meeting by showing you the products to be used, it is not the right partner to work with.

MYTH 5 A large corporation should not use the services of local integrators.

Fact: Local integrators learn actively and obtain appropriate certificates confirming their competences.

AV equipment manufacturers actively support certified integrators also in local markets. What this means is that such integrators can draw on the experience and expertise of the equipment and technology manufacturers. What’s more, small companies also employ AV system enthusiasts who learn on an ongoing basis, often matching the knowledge of the biggest experts in the industry. However, a smaller number of contracts allows them to approach their customers individually, which gives them an advantage over international giants. This is why you can get hands-on support from them as needed.