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European Funding – How to finance a modernisation of AV infrastructure?

2023 | february

European Funding – How to finance a modernisation of AV infrastructure?

From the A+V brand new series „Inspirations for modernisations”.


Finding funds for audio-visual system modernisation can be a challenge, so we want to support our clients in the area of available funding information.

New possibilities are opening as huge amounts of EU money – European Funding for 2021-2027 include as much as 72,2 billion euro from cohesion policy and 3,8 billion euro from the Fair Transformation Fund.

Funds will be divided into 8 national programmes and 16 county programmes including:

– entrepreneurship development

– better access to education, health and culture protection

– social infrastructure improvement

– environment protection

– digital technologies

– energy and transport

There is a schedule of 2023 openings available for beneficiaries in the 2021-2027 European Funds for a Modern Economy Programme (FENG). First competitions have started at the beginning of February 2023. This schedule in Polish can be found here . The offering of the Programme is directed at enterprises, educational sector, innovation and entrepreneurship centres.

In January 2023, there has been an agreement signed between Funding Minister of Funds and Regional Policy and representatives of nine intermediary institutions for 2021-27 European Fund for Social Development (continuation of the Knowledge Education Development Programme). There would be various initiative funded and implemented through FERS, i.e. increasing the quality of education, competency development or increasing access for people with special needs.

Soon there will also be a digital development goal implementation for Poland. At the beginning of February, there has been an agreement signed, regulating interdepartmental rights  and obligations, and setting the framework for cooperation for the next 7 years of the 2021-2027 European Fund for Digital Development Programme. Initiatives that enable an easy access to e-services and data, or IT systems for citizens, public administration and entrepreneurs, will be supported in this programme.

Stay up to date and follow the application openings on the European Funding Portal. There is a lot to fight for!

Here at A+V, we will be more than happy to support you with our knowledge in the area of relevant audio-visual infrastructure design to implement your project goals. An appropriate design and AV systems tailored to specific needs, their reliable valuation, as well as professional installation, commissioning and user training, will surely add to a swift implementation of every project. Speak with us about your needs!