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Current opportunities to obtain financing from the European Funds

2023 | april

Current opportunities to obtain financing from the European Funds

Current opportunities to obtain financing from the European Funds in the area of technological development and improvement of digital competence

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Modernisation and increasing opportunities for digital freedom are some of the most important goals for the coming years for both public and private organizations. Opportunities to take advantage of European Funds are really high during this period. Below are the modernisation funding opportunities that will be available in the near future.

Kredyt technologiczny

Right now, until May 31, 2023, entrepreneurs can apply for a technology credit. It assumes two types of financing:

  • credit with the participation of commercial banks,
  • non-refundable in the form of a grant called a “technology bonus.” 

The support consists in refunding the capital part of the loan, taken by the entrepreneur for the implementation of an innovative project. This loan is intended for micro, small and medium-size enterprises that, thanks to innovative technology, can significantly improve the quality of their products or services and bring them in line with international digital standards.

Our tip: Under the technology loan, you can get funding for AV equipment that will help you create a flexible workplace.

The planned total amount of funding is 578 million PLN.

More information about the scheme: https://www.en.bgk.pl.

Funds for the development of digital competences

In a hybrid work reality, it is extremely important to continuously improve digital competencies of both employees and managers. They are important in all areas of the organization: from sales departments, to customer service, to accounting. In each of them, it is necessary to build a new, effective communication path that enables seamless cooperation, regardless of the mode of operation.

Funds for developing and improving competencies for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can invariably be obtained from European Funds. You can read more about these opportunities on a polish website here: Akademia Menadżera MMŚP – kompetencje w zakresie cyfryzacji – oferta dla przedsiębiorców – PARP – Centrum Rozwoju MŚP.

Our tip: Under these EU funds, you can develop the competencies of your employees, regardless of their position. Employees with strong digital skills are effective employees.


Equal access to products and services in tandem with digitalization

Inclusiveness and accessibility are significant goals of an ever-digitizing society. Therefore, one of the main priorities for our society as a whole, should be making services and goods more accessible to people with special needs. We will all strive to ensure that technology supports the development of companies and allows them to produce goods and services that are accessible to everyone. This means that everyone, regardless of disabilities, limitations or dysfunctions, will have equal opportunities. 

Aid for investment in technology with the support of European Funds is available to companies that:

  • manufacture products or offer services and would like people with special needs to be able to use them on an equal footing with other users (compensatory and assistive technologies),
  • want to acquire knowledge on how to design products, environments, programs or services in such a way that they are useful to all, without the need for adaptation (universal design) to special needs, 
  • want to bring these products and services to market (commercialisation).

You can find more information about opportunities on this polish website: https://power.parp.gov.pl/component/grants/grants/dostepnosc-szansa-na-rozwoj-oferta-dla-przedsiebiorcow.

In the next episode, we will share information about further opportunities for investment in machinery and equipment – for entrepreneurs who want to create innovative workplaces – as well as new funding opportunities from the European Funds.

Are you planning to modernize your organization and wondering if you are eligible for funding for AV equipment? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to answer all your questions.