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Contactless solutions for the office workplace

2021 | november

Contactless solutions for the office workplace

In the post-pandemic world, companies need to implement new tools and solutions to manage their office space, resources and their people, whilst sponsoring effective communication and collaboration between the employees.
Modern technology is responding to these trends by offering remote management, measurement of the employee locations and use of space, enabling remote participants and additional workplace safety. This includes low and zero-touch operation of audio-visual systems in the offices.

A+V Team offers our clients contactless solutions to help keep their staff safe in a workplace environment.

Some of the contactless solutions we can recommend include:

  • Room reservation system (room scheduling)

Room Scheduling is a solution enabling multiple meeting rooms management and maximizing space usability. This system, depending on its version, can work with various applications (Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, etc.). It allows for easy and automated management of conference rooms as business resources.
It is made of two elements – calendar software/app and an interface to present the information for users (touch panel, adapted tablet or a LED illuminated wall sign).

The calendar app can be installed on employees’ personal computers or mobile phones. This software allows an employee to schedule a meeting from their own device – which means that they do not need to touch any public devices, which reduces the risk of any virus transmission (supports post-pandemic hygiene policies).

The interface on the touch panel enables the user to obtain live information about room availability in that given moment, on particular weekday or time of the day and to make an ad-hoc booking. Thanks to LED diodes around touch panels, which turs red or green (occupied or free) user can choose meeting room that’s free in the moment without any extra interaction.

What’s more, this system can fulfil the post-covid safety parameters through touchless management of lighting, wireless presentation, source switching, space planning, scheduling, social distancing and room/office occupancy.

  • Desk reservation system

Consists of desk signs or sensors and software that can be used on PC in a browser version or as a mobile app. The later seems to be the most popular and convenient solution enjoyed by employees.

Such software can offer post-covid features such as:

    • mobile space booking – staff can book their desk on a particular day, in a particular area, in a specified time, all from their own mobile phones in their own convenience.
    • reverse hoteling – a dedicated desk can be shared with a guest worker or telecommuter when the owner is not using it, which maximises the resources and facilities in the office.
    • social distance planning – only selected desks can be available for booking, which means the staff will be located with required distance from one working station to another.
    • zero-touch access – desk reservation is made and managed from the user’s mobile phone which means they do not have to touch any other public devices. The user needs to scan a QR code located on the desk to confirm the desk is now taken or released.
    • wayfinding – thanks to preloaded floorplans the tool can help employees and visitor find their way to the meeting space or working station.
    • service alerts – additional feature offering internal communication with staff and visitors

All of the above features support the company compliance policy and enable analytics needed for senior management decision making.

Desk reservation mobile apps also become a great tool making facilities management easier and more comprehensive, while increasing the satisfaction of the personnel and improving a professional image of the company amongst visitors. Apart from the spaces inside the office, you can also add external spaces such as car parking spot to the database – a mobile app on your phone becomes a one-stop-shop for your work management when returning to the office.

Some apps have more advanced resource management functions and enable users to book catering and AV equipment for their meeting, which contributes to increased efficiency of the office, employee satisfaction and professional image of the company.

  • AI solutions i.e. counting staff in each space, room automation, integration with building infrastructure

There are also tools and systems that can support the gathering of information and analysing usage data, to improve the effectiveness of the teams and help managers in strategic decision making.
Modern all-in-one sets for video conferencing have a built-in AI features that can count the number of meeting participants in the room. Such data can be used for occupancy analytics and supporting social distancing.

Presence sensors can be utilised in the room automation features such as:

    • light and equipment switch on/off – this can support the company sustainability principals by saving energy when the room is not in use;
    • room temperature regulation depending on the number of people in the room – supporting the visitor experience during a meeting

AI solutions can also offer great functions when integrated with the building infrastructure.
Whilst utilising carbon dioxide sensor the solution integrated with the air-conditioning system can automatically switch on room airing, adjust the level of air conditioning in the space and even open the windows in particular area. This is a great contactless feature improving the staff and visitor experience in the space, as well as supporting post-Covid hygiene policies and procedures.

Another AI solution integrated with the building systems is utilising lighting sensors – once the sunlight is detected in the space or on particular wall, the solution activates window blinds to improve the quality of the presentation in the meeting room.


We are helping our clients to re-purpose their offices and prepare for wider use of the space in hybrid and remote working environments, while supporting safety of their employees. Contactless solutions and AI open new possibilities and it would be rude not to explore them!

Contact your AV integrator to find out about contactless technology for your office.