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Fixed budget can be a common challenge for investors when it comes to full project implementation. When the cost of AV infrastructure is included in the investment budget (CapEx), and the total cost of the project increases over budget, there might be a need for a reduction in the functionalities of the AV system, in order to alleviate budget pressures for other, more crucial elements of the project. We have a solution to that!

Leasing the AV system enables you to keep all designed functionalities without stretching the investment budget.

What are the benefits of leasing AV systems?

  1. You can cover the expense from OpEx, not CapEX

    Thanks to financing from operational budget covering office management expenses, it is possible to spread the cost of equipment in time.

  2. One contract and one payment for equipment and services including maintenance programme (SLA)

    Leasing contract can cover all additional expenses related to the investment – this means not only the new devices purchasing costs, but also the installation, implementation, programming, integration services and user training, as well as maintenance service like SLA programme.

  3. Periodical equipment exchange

    At the end of the leasing term the investor can upgrade the devices to newer versions and start another leasing term. On average, AV/IT equipment value drops by 75% after 2 years and by even 90% after 3 years of usage. End-of-term equipment exchange is more cost-effective and enables regular modernization of your system, to follow the development of technology.

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How to arrange the AV equipment financing?

  1. Contact us! We can arrange leasing of the AV systems for you.

  2. We will prepare budget estimate for the design and implementation of the AV system in your office.

  3. We shall agree the leasing contract with you.

  4. We will implement AV systems in your office

  5. At the end of the lease term you will have the option to purchase the equipment or upgrade it to a newer version

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