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The Museum of Slask Wrocław

2023 | september

The Museum of Slask Wrocław

Multimedia history of the sports club and the city, in one place

The Museum of Slask Wrocław is not just the history of the club (Wrocław Football Club), but a story about people that were a part of it. It is an obligatory spot on the tourist cultural map of Wroclaw, which should be visited by everyone, who wants to get to know the city and the region as well. Our task was to bring this exhibition to life, designing and implementing it, according to the newest trends. Today, just as the Museum has been opened, we can tell that it is a success.

Museum, that is „alive”

How can we tell a story of hundreds of people related to the club, their families and fans, having only walls to play with? How can we present the atmosphere of the city over  a few decades and make these years speak to us from the museum? From the start we knew that this exhibition must reach the visitors’ hearts from the moment they walk in through the entrance. We have used the most modern multimedia devices and audio-visual systems to show visitors the milestones in the club’s history. As a general contractor, we have invited our most trusted partners and subcontractors to collaborate on this project. Anna Rzeźnik has delivered attention-drawing content, which made these stories “alive”.



A bit of our own history

An opportunity to be a part of The Museum of Slask Wrocław brought us a lot of satisfaction. From the beginning of A+V we have been implementing projects in the museum and cultural venues market, but this one was special.

Through the words of our CEO, Jarosław Kołcun:

From my perspective, this project has a huge sentimental value. As a fan of Wroclaw Football Club (WKS), for years I have been following the club and I watched matches right from the stadium on Oporowska street, and then from the new city stadium seats. Hence the history of WKS is also a part of my own story, and is connected with many of my personal memories.

As a company that originated and still has a Head Office in Wroclaw, and as Wroclaw Football Club fans, we knew we had to be a part of this project. Our determination paid off and we were tasked with designing and building the exhibition, as well as bringing its content to life. This project is important to former and current club members, sportsmen and sportswomen, citizens of Wroclaw and the whole Lower Silesia region. We are truly proud of the result we have achieved.


What can you expect in the Museum?

The exhibition takes the visitors on a journey through the history of the WKS football club. A 3D ball with a hidden projector is very impressive – it is actually a screen showing emotions of the football fans. Football enthusiasts will especially enjoy a recording of tifo (spectators holding up flags, pictures,etc.) from one of the matches. There is also a lot of information about the city of Wroclaw and its transformation over the years.


The museum features mock-ups of the facilities where WKS played. Thanks to our multimedia installation, visitors can see archive films, and listen to interviews, which have been prepared especially for this exhibition – this includes club’s legend Janusz Sybis, Ryszard Tarasiewicz, Władysław Żmuda or more current players, such as Piotr Celeban or Mariusz Pawelec.

Moreover, the visitors can see exhibits related to the club: trophies, t-shirts worn by the club’s legends, authentic documentation and archive photographs. A photobooth is an interesting addition to the display – visitors can have a souvenir photo taken and have it emailed straight to their email box.


The Museum is divided into sections chronologically, from the end of the Second World War:

  • Club on the Ruins of the city (1945-1956)
  • On the way to the top division
  • Historic promotion in 1964
  • The golden 70
  • The 1980’s
  • The crisis years 1992-2008
  • Back to the top (2008-2013)


Multimedia materials in the museum present the most important moments of Wroclaw Football Club, and the goals scored in the European championships.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, we have created an activity zone – a safe place to play fo the whole family. Adults can enjoy a Sports Bar located just next door, which offers a perfect spot to watch matches with a cold pint of beer.


Useful information like opening hours and how to get to the venue can be found on the Arena’s website here: LINK.